Planning for the Future: Homeland Security

Richard L. Jaehne
Director, University of Illinois Fire Service Institute

In the aftermath of tornadoes, hurricanes, catastrophic fires, mass demonstrations, and anticipated terrorist attacks, community leaders are asking, “What can I do before the event to better prepare myself and my community?” and, “ How do we get help when a crisis occurs?” As part of the national Response Plan, the Illinois Terrorism Task Force, Illinois has built a strong, statewide, interdisciplinary response capability. This breakout session will focus on how this system of response can answer these key questions and examine the critical role that leadership plays in the planning, prevention, response to, and recovery from a catastrophic event.

About the Presenter . . . .

Richard L. Jaehne is the Director of the Illinois State Fire Academy, a member of the Illinois Terrorism Task Force, and a retired US Marine Corps Colonel with more than 38 years of leadership experience in crisis management. He developed and led a series of 17 homeland security planning workshops helping communities examine their crisis response plans and led a two-day Homeland Security Summit, attended by community leaders from across Illinois and the Illinois Homeland Security Coordinator. In 2006, he received the Mutual Aid Box Alarm System (MABAS) President’s Leadership Award for sustained support in fire and homeland security preparedness and programs.


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