Leading Without Power

Richard W. Clark, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean, Professional Development
College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Most of us will never have complete authority in our organizations or even supervise large numbers of employees. Therefore, we must explore how to lead without the power of “position.” We ask: What skills must I master? What strengths must I maximize? How do I influence people and motivate them to take action? These questions will be explored during this workshop. How well you lead without power will affect your organization’s performance and the legacy you leave. We will explore the questions: What will I accomplish in this organization that you will remember long after I’m gone? What skills, changes and improvements in your life will I enable? How we live our lives and how we think about and accomplish our work will give insight into what kind of legacy we will leave. Come find the leadership power within you!

About the Presenter . . . .

Dr. Clark has national and international recognition as an expert in personal and organizational effectiveness. His work in the areas of developing effective collaborations, communication, conflict resolution, meeting management, experiential learning, and team development have made him a high-demand workshop, retreat and conference speaker. Dr. Clark has over 29 years of professional experience in working with communities, public agencies and private organizations to address critical societal and organizational issues. Dr. Clark has held positions with Virginia Tech, Penn State University, Ohio State University, and Rutgers University. Currently, Dr. Clark is the Assistant Dean for Professional Development for the College of Agricultural, Consumer, and Environmental Sciences at the University of Illinois.


Laboratory for Community and Economic Development | College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences
University of Illinois Extension | University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign