At 10:30 a.m. The "You" Factor in Vision, Mission and Planning
Ric Roemer, Mental Fitness Coach and
Hero Tameling, Illinois Department of Social Services

Leaders understand that choice, not chance, determines destiny. The first part of this session focuses on the cornerstone of effective leadership . . . seizing a powerful sense of purpose and mission. Forward movement always calls for a change to the status quo. “But we’ve never done it that way before!” is the knee-jerk reaction by those who approach the need for change with fear and trepidation. The second part of this session zeroes in on a way of approaching positively the changes that become inevitable in the Accomplishment of Mission through the implementation of . . . . The Synergistic Planning Process (SPP).

About our presenters . . . Ric Roemer conducts Vision-Capturing Workshops and gives presentations on the power of personal vision. Ric works with The Home Depot, Advocate Health Care Systems, and Nikken, Inc. Ric creates and develops business concepts, including Creative Home Services, Inc., a firm that capitalizes on the boom in the resale housing market by providing pre-sale “home-lift” services.

Hero Tameling, Acting Director of Strategic Planning and Performance Management for the Illinois Department of Human Services worked in private business for 25 years. He served as a Merit Commissioner with the Will County Sheriff’s Police for ten years. During the recent Katrina Disaster Hero coordinated Illinois’ in-state evacuee relief and sheltering effort. He is part of the State Emergency Operations Center and directs IDHS’ emergency preparedness and operations planning.


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University of Illinois Extension | University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign