About U-Facilitate

U-Facilitate, a new curriculum available from University of Illinois Extension, is designed for anyone wanting to get better at facilitating groups of people working together. Many community members are active in volunteer groups and organizations, identifying issues and defining possible solutions. Effective leaders in those groups need to bring an unbiased perspective, keep discussions focused, and help the group problem-solve and set goals. A leader with good facilitation skills can empower a group to decide on issues, expand communication, and develop fair and equitable solutions.

Facilitation skills can help produce successful outcomes at public meetings, retreats, and planning sessions. Whether you are involved with a nonprofit or community-based organization, local government, or another entity, you can learn how to lead your group to be more efficient and effective.

U-Facilitate includes seven modules. You can use one, several, or all of them as they meet your needs:

  1. Understanding Facilitation
  2. Contracting and Handling Logistics
  3. Getting Focused: Vision/Mission/Goals
  4. Managing Group Interaction
  5. Making Group Decisions
  6. Dealing with Group Conflict
  7. Utilizing Diversity, Power and Ethics

To order the seven-module set, please visit www.pubsplus.uiuc.edu or call 800-345-6087. For more information about the U-Facilitate program, contact Cindy Erickson (cericksn@uiuc.edu, 217-244-0433).