Module 3

Getting Focused—Vision / Mission / Goals

This module offers insights and strategies for facilitators working with groups on visioning and strategic planning. Worksheets are provided for planning an agenda, summarizing the meeting, and brainstorming a mission statement, along with strategic planning examples.


  1. Overview: Getting Focused—Vision / Mission / Goals
  2. Facilitating the Development of a Shared Vision
  3. Planning an Agenda
    Meeting Agenda Worksheet
    Meeting Summary
  4. Creating Effective Mission and Vision Statements
    Worksheet: Brainstorming a Mission Statement
  5. Example Worksheets and Planning Session Agenda
  6. Exercise: Letter to a Significant Child
  7. Strategic Planning Worksheets 1 and 2: 2020 Foresight
  8. Finding More Resources
  9. U-FACILITATE and University of Illinois Extension Programming

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