Module 5

Making Group Decisions

This module presents a selection of processes for group decision-making. Facilitators are often in a position where their skills are instrumental in enabling a group to make a decision. This module describes three decision-making models: professionalism, democratic presentation process, and communitarian democracy. Additionally, several decision-making strategies and case studies are included.

  1. Overview: Making Group Decisions
  2. Decision-Making Models
  3. Consensus Building
  4. Fist to Five: Determining Support
  5. Guidelines for Using Consensus
  6. Decision-Making Strategies
    Affinity Mapping
    Criterion Listing
    Data Dump
    Envision Worst/Best That Can Happen
    Nominal Group Process
    Worksheet: Decision-Making Case Study
    Worksheet: Making Group Decisions
  7. Finding More Resources
  8. U-FACILITATE and University of Illinois Extension Programming

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