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Community Assessments
Community Development Toolbox
Southern Illinois Regional Assessment Project
Community SWAP
Conducting a Survey
eGov Readiness Assessment
Community Development Capacity Index
Telecommunications Readiness Index

Community Planning
Online Strategic Planning
National Issues Forum
Scheduling Your Project Activities
Planning for Connectivity

Community Leadership
Conflict Management
Leadership Development through Community Action
Local Government Fact Sheets
Rural Partners Strategic Agenda

Business Development
Going Solo: Teaching Entrepreneurship
Illinois Entrepreneurship Network

Small Farm Sustainability
Farm Beginnings
USDA Sustainability Programs
Illinois Agroecology and Sustainability Program
Sustainable Agriculture: Illinois Examples

Tourism Programs
Developing Tourism Resources
BRE for Tourism
Tourism Development Capacity Index
Illinois Agritourism

Spanish Language Programs
Spanish Language Radio

Leadership Conference 2008

Past Conferences
Leadership Conference 2005
Leadership Conference 2006
Leadership Conference 2007


Community and Economic Development Through University of Illinois Extension

Community and Economic Development Through University of Illinois Extension


University of Illinois Extension provides practical, research-based information and programs to help individuals, families, organizations, businesses, farms, and rural and urban communities throughout Illinois.


To get connected to community and economic development assistance, contact your local Extension office.  You can find the office closest to you by clicking here.