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Affordable Housing:  What Are the Options?

A Discussion Guide for Community Deliberation







Sample Letter



for Discussion


Discussion Guide on Affordable Housing






National Issues Forum was created in 1982 by the Kettering Foundation to encourage public discourse about important public policy issues. The issue framing books created under their auspices outline an issue and several choices, or approaches to public policy.  Rather than conforming to any single public proposal, each approach reflects widely held concerns and principles. 


The Housing Act of 1949 declared that all Americans have a “right to a decent home and a suitable living environment.”  While the overall homeownership rate has reached an all time high of nearly 68%, the statistics show a clear and persistent homeownership gap.   


The causes of the shortages are varied and complex.  This issue guide provides an overview of the affordable housing issue.  To promote understanding, public deliberation and citizen action, three perspectives of the issue are discussed using the national issues forum approach.


We hope this website will enable you to better understand how National Issue Forums work and provide you with the tools to carry out a successful program. If you have questions or want to pursue a National Issues Forum on Affordable Housing, please see our contact list for the University of Illinois Extension person closest to you.


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